Stepwise Cutting And Stitching Of Simple Blouse

After marking and drafting of simple blouse, in this post we provide you step-wise procedure for simple blouse cutting & stitching.

For Marking And Drafting :Marking And Drafting Of Simple Blouse
simple blouse cutting
simple blouse cutting

Simple Blouse Cutting :

1. First cut front piece starting alongside front neck curve then slant shoulder width line and front sleeve curve. At last cut the outer mark of your blouse piece.

2. After that you take this front piece and place it on remaining fabric from close side, do drafting of back piece(shallow back sleeve curve and back neck curve) and insert fitting pleats too. And then cut alongside the chalk mark for back piece.

3. For sleeves, fold remaining fabric piece in 4 layers . Take your required length + 2 inches and do drafting for simple sleeves.

4. Now from open side (where thread are not easily torn away) take lengthwise 2 strips for hooks and loops equal to length + 2 inches from neck curve till bottom of front piece. One strip is 2 inch in width and other is 2.5 inch in width.

5. From remaining fabric, mark and cut 1.5 inch wide strips for bias tape.

First transfer all pleats to the other side of blouse piece by darkening chalk marks and patting it on fabric.

Simple Blouse Stitching :

1. First insert all pleats, sewing it from broader open side and ending at center.

2. Now on right hand side of front piece sew 2 inch broader straight strip matching right to right of strip and blouse fabric. Then double fold it totally and do temporary stitching. Later do hemming and undo temporary stitching, this is our hook insertion strip.

3. On left hand side front piece sew 2.5 inch broader strip matching wrong of blouse to right of strip fabric. Then double fold the strip leaving about 1 inch tape for loops insertion.

4. Then join front and back blouse piece from shoulders.

5. After that join bias tape to the neck line leaving 0.5 inch at both ends so that we can fold it for better finishing.

6. Then mark small cuts on bias tape and make sure that your stitching doesn’t get cut. Leave 0.5 inch of tape and fold it to wrong side and sew it from right side along side the neckline.

7. Now double fold 0.5 inch of left bias tape inside and do temporary stitching. Later do hemming and undo temporary sewing.

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8. After that, take fitting measurements again and do drafting because due to insertion of pleats the fitting changes. Mark recent fitting measurements on opposite side also and sew it.

9. Now measure from top and take required length, mark a line width wise alongside waist and double fold it. On this marked line do temporary stitching for hemming.

10. After that do simple sleeve stitching. At last do all the hemming and insert hooks and loops. Your simple blouse is ready to wear.

Video tutorial for simple blouse cutting and stitching:


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