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We all love fit athletic body and for achieving that we go to gyms, spas and do workout sessions. All of us struggle hard to achieve the desired body shape. And during working out no one wants their clothes to cause any trouble and uncomfortable feeling. Everyone wants their clothes to be the second skin on them while exercising. So in this post, we let you know the top 10 sportswear brands in India to wear while playing, exercising or relaxing.

Top 10 Sportswear Brands In India :


Top Sportswear Brands Nike
Top Sportswear Brands Nike

Initially known as Blue Ribbon Sports, Nike is the greatest American brand that manufactures high quality sportswear for men and women. Valued at $19 billion in 2014, Nike is the most valuable brand among sports industries.

Specialty : Sports equipment, athletic shoes and  apparel.

Product Range : Shoes, hoodies, sandals, flip-flops, sports-bra, t-shirts, pullover jackets, winter jackets, bags, socks, tights, shorts, sleepwear, skirts, inner wears, kids clothing, track pants, perfume, deodorants, sports accessories, water bottles, arm bands.

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Sportswear Company ADIDAS
Sportswear Company ADIDAS

Adidas is a German multinational company that designs and manufactures shoes, clothing and sports accessories. It is largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second largest in the world. It is a urban myth that Adidas is an acronym for All Day I Dream About Sports but in reality is the amalgam of Adidas founder name ‘Adolf Dassler’. Adi comes from nickname of Adolf and Das from Dassler.

Specialty : Shoes, apparels, bags.

Product Range : Socks, shoes, bags, yoga mats, caps, backpacks, gloves, wallets, bands (arm, wrist, head), hoodies, sweatshirts, watches, jumpsuits, track suits, shorts, t-shirts, women tops, pants & tights, jerseys, sports bra, sandals, sneakers, loafers, flip-flops, chappals, casual shoes, balls, clutches, performance bottles, shin guards, scarfs.

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Puma Sportswear
Puma Sportswear

Another famous German brand which gives equal competition to Adidas. We all know the rivalry between Adidas and Puma since the relationship between two brothers (Rudolf Dassler & Adolf Dassler) deteriorated during world war 2. Formerly PUMA is know as RuDa – from Rudolf Dassler. However, Puma shoes are one of the top brands in world after Nike and Adidas.

Specialty : Football boots, sports shoes, jerseys.

Product Range : Shoes, track pants, track shoes, capris, women sports bra, shorts, kids clothing, digital watches, jacket, men trousers, winter wear, hoodies, chinos, sports equipment, floaters, training kits, t-shirts.

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Top Sportswear Brands FILA
Top Sportswear Brands FILA

Fila was created by Fila brothers in 1909 in Italy and originally started as clothing company and now manufacturing sportswear for men, women, kids and athletes. The company gets its recognition in 1911 in Italy, but it was taken over by a South Korean business tycoon in 2007. So, now FILA is a South Korean sporting goods company and it is one of the world’s largest sportswear manufacturing company.

Specialty : Athletic shoes, clothing.

Product Range : Shoes, track pants, three fourths, hoodies, shorts, track suits, sandals, bags, outwear, women tops.

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5. Reebok

Sportswear Brand REEBOK
Sportswear Brand REEBOK

Reebok is a global athletic footwear and apparel company, operating as a subsidiary of Adidas since 2005. The company is founded in 1958 in Bolton, England by Joe and Jeff Foster. Initially Reebok was called as J.W. Fosters And Sons. Reebok gets its recognition by selling spiked running shoes to the athletes. It also launched Weeboks, which is a clothing brand for kids.

Specialty : Athletic shoes, sports equipment, sports kits and apparel.

Product Range : Shoes, track pants, flip-flops, t-shirts, sports bra, track jackets, shorts, bags, caps, sunglasses, arm-bands.

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6. Lotto


Founded in 1973, Lotto Sports Italia is a Italian sportswear brand and its product are distributed in more than 60 countries. Lotto made its debut as sports footwear manufacturer and later grew as sports accessories, clothing and stylish footwear. Although Lotto manufactures sports goods for both men and women but only men sportswear and accessories are available on Indian sites till now. This brand is surely one of the top 10 sportswear brands in India in terms of sales and comfort.

Specialty : Sports footwear, wrist watches, soccer clothing.

Product Range : Shoes, caps, slippers, t-shirts, track pants, track suits, sweat shirts, hoodies, jackets, wrist watch, under wears, laptop bags, fragrances, bags, sunglasses, wallets.

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7. Columbia

Sportswear And Apparel Brand COLUMBIA
Sportswear And Apparel Brand COLUMBIA

It is an American company that manufactures outwears and sportswear. Columbia Sportswear company was founded in 1938 and since then the products are designed keeping in mind the comfort of its customers.

Specialty : Outwears and sportswear.

Product Range : Footwear, jackets, t-shirts, shorts, bags, bag packs, camping equipment, ski apparels, golf and fishing apparels, mittens, caps, hat, socks, vest, head gears, women dresses, hoodies, watches.

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Top 10 sportswear brand - ASICS
Top 10 sportswear brand – ASICS

Founded in 1949, ASICS is a Japanese Multinational sportswear company which globally provides footwear and sports equipment. ASICS is an acronym for the Latin phrase anima sana in corpore sano which means “a healthy soul in a healthy body”. Yes, this brand is well known in the global market and very elegantly placed its position in top 10 sportswear brands across India.

Specialty : Sportswear and sports equipment.

Product Range : Sneakers, track suits, shoes, tights, three fourth tights, sports bra, shorts, hoodies, jackets, track pants.

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9. HRX By Hrithik Roshan

HRX by Hrithik Roshan
HRX by Hrithik Roshan

In year 2013, Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan started his own casual and sportswear clothing brand HRX. The brand’s aim is to motivate people to stay fit and challenge limits.

Specialty : Casual and sportswear.

Product Range : Casual wears, sports shorts, sports shoes, watches, wallets, fragrances, bags, belts, three fourths, jackets, tights, hoodies, track pants, jeans, capris.

10. Proline

Indian Sportswear Brand Proline
Indian Sportswear Brand Proline

Proline is a Indian sportswear company which manufactures high quality and comfortable apparel for both men and women. It is one of the best budding sportswear brand among already established top 10 sportswear brands in India.

Specialty : Apparel.

Product Range : Track suits, t-shirts, sports bra, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, socks, capris, tights, shorts, women tees and tops.

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  • Prettysecrets (only for women)
  • Skechers
  • Campus Sutra
  • Speedo
  • 2Go Active Gear USA (only for men)
  • Yepme
  • New Balance
  • Ajile by Pantaloons
  • Dida Sportswear
  • Under Armour
  • Kappa
  • Vector X
  • Shiv Naresh
  • Nivia

So, here is the list of top 10 sportswear brands in India with a little description. Hope this post helps you in finding the right sportswear brand for you and also a bit knowledge about the brand itself. 🙂


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