Size Chart For Women Trousers | Standard Measurements

In this post, we share the lengths, waist widths, hip circumference etc etc. By size chart women trousers, one can easily understand and take measurements in proportions. From the following table you can find out the lengths and how to take other measurements in proportions.

All measurements are in inches. And we depict the measurements via “size chart for women trousers” according to leg length, waist and hips circumference only.

Size Chart Women Trousers :
EU 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
Waist Circumference 24 25.5 27 28.5 30 32 34 36
Hips Circumference 34 35.5 37.25 39 40.25 42.5 44.5 46.5

Now, lets concentrate on leg lengths of women trousers. Some women wear short length trousers, some regular and some long. So there is a variety in this, and from the following table you get to know the length measurements on the basis of “how long is your trousers”.

Basically, there are five lengths to keep in mind while making a women trouser. These are –

  • Total length of jeans
  • Belt length
  • Crotch length
  • Inseam length
  • Knee length (length up to your knee)
Lengths In A Trousers : Inseam Length Explained
Lengths In A Trousers : Inseam Length Explained

NOTE : Inseam length = length of trouser (excluding belt) – crotch length (excluding belt).

Size Chart Women Trousers : Lengths
(Length↓)(Type Of Trousers→) Short Regular Long Extra Long
Length Of Trousers 30 32 34 36
Inseam Length 22 24 25 26

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I hope, this post help you to fully understand the standard measurements of a women trousers. Any query, ask in the comment box. 🙂


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