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Women fashion world has such a huge variety of choices in all type of clothing department. And shirt is an important part of almost every women’s closet. There is an approach of wearing shirt in every occasion. There are shirts for professional gatherings, for working-out, wandering casually around your home etc etc. So, here in this post, we mass all types of shirt that every women must own in her closet.

Six Type Of Women’s Shirts :

1. T-Shirt

T-shirts are usually found in almost every women’s wardrobe. The reason of popularity of “Jeans & T-shirt” phrase is that these are usually worn with jeans. It is the easiest and most affordable combination for women to wear and still appear gorgeous.

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2. Spaghetti Strap Shirt

Usually made from light fabric with matchless pattern and very skinny spaghetti straps, this type of shirt is a famous summertime garment. You can wear it singly or with a light sweater or shrug. You can wear it with jeans, skirts or shorts.

Spagetti Strap Shirt
Spagetti Strap Shirt
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3. Blouse/ Women’s Shirt

Blouse is the common type of shirt for women to wear, especially in professional meetings. Blouses can be long or short sleeved for different occasions and seasons. Pair printed pattern shirt with jeans and you’ll get a smart funky look.

Blouse Or Women's Shirt
Blouse Or Women’s Shirt
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4. Tank Shirt

Women/girls wears tank shirt as active wear. Tank shirt is perfectly suited for exercises, yoga and meditation. Since it has no sleeves and wide straps, so it helps them cool and also wise straps hides the bra’s skinny straps.

Tank shirt
Tank shirt
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5. Camisole

Mostly camisole is used as sleeping garment. But it may be used as style statements like you can wear it under sweater or jackets (if you are not removing the upper attire). 

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6. Tunic

Tunic is of loose fitting and usually silky. It is like a breezy garment that often hangs below waist. Women can wear it with pants, skirts or Capri.

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