Simple Makeup Tips For Your Skin

For a successful beauty, a few specific rules are needed. The beauty of skin goes through several key stages, ranging from hydration to the work of the complexion through the enhancement of the eyes and mouth, with products adapted to these skin tones.

Here along with the tips below the thing that you need to remember that the choice of beauty products is utmost important. You need to make it sure always to choose the right product for your skin. You need to know which product you should use and can be best fit for your skin. In this regards the best thing you can do is to check the buyers trend of the market before buying any product online.

Let’s check below the beauty tips :-

Moisturize your skin :

Moisturize your skin
Moisturize your skin

Good makeup results from good hydration. Dark skin often tends to dehydrate and secrete, to compensate, a lot of sebum. Hence an oily skin effect not always shiny. To combat this inconvenience, the makeup artist advises to apply every morning a purifying lotion for sensitive skin. On the other hand, we avoid soap and astringent products that could attack the skin. We continue the morning ritual with floral water – rose or orange blossom – that will soothe the skin instantly. Finally, to maintain hydration, we opt for a serum with a non-greasy texture.

Last step: the application of a mortifying cream that will unify without leaving a greasy film.

Put the face in the light :

Face the light
Put face in the light
Side complexion, there are two cases :

• The skins without imperfections, on which it is enough to work on the zones of lights. So we focus on the shadows, many more than on light skin, using a concealed that neutralizes the complexion. We favor the outline of the eyes or the underside of the bridge of the nose. The concealed also remains a good ally to unify the skin. We opt for a lighter shade to work the commissars of the lips, dark circles, but also the eyebrow to open the eyes.
• A marked skin, on which we work in 3 dimensions by using a lighter foundation in the center of the face and a darker color on the exteriors and outlines. In this way, we create relief as for the technique of contouring. Then, apply the corrector on the areas to be ratified. “You really have to visualize the face in three dimensions because otherwise you have a solid color uniform that removes any relief (…) because for the complexion, everything is a matter of lighting,” say makeup experts.

Daring the color on the eyes :

Daring the colors on eyes
Daring the colors on eyes

When you have black skin, you can afford everything in terms of hues. Level textures, Experts strongly advises the use of eye shadow powder talc: “It is a material that tends to whiten the skin and causes a lack of relief on black skin.”

So to avoid disappointment and illuminate the eyes, we opt either for a colored pencil ultra pigmented, or for cream textures that will bring brilliance. We can then play on the contrasts between the chosen colors and the skin. On the chromatic palette side, the brown, the browns, the coppery hues, the chocolate notes and even the emerald notes are sure values because they will warm the skin while sublimating the look.

And what about black? Not even afraid! We even force the line using ultra-pigmented mascaras and eyeliners that will come to structure the upper face and bring a graphic appearance.

Last step not to neglect, the work of the eyebrow that must remain full to enlarge the view.

For the mouth, everything is a question of balance :

Add balance
Add balance

“To sublimate the mouth, you have to trust yourself to find the right balance,” makeup experts. A phrase that sounds almost like a mantra. We follow his instructions and we do not hesitate to let go. If one looks for intensity, one uses notes wine-wine, plum or chocolate. And for more sophistication, moles and beige will be perfect for creating very subtle nuances.


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