Marking And Drafting Of Simple Frock

How To Make A Simple Frock For Your Daughter

Fashion trends come and go. And yes, simple frock undergone quite a few changes over time but the basic entity of it remains intact. Every girl’s first love is a cute frock in which she looks like a princess. In in article you can easily learn the marking and drafting of simple frock. So let’s start it.

Marking And Drafting Of Simple Frock :

We do marking and drafting in two parts- first bodice drafting and second bottom skirt drafting.


1. First take length of bodice + 1 inch (sewing seam at shoulder & joining at bottom part/skirt) and cut it.

2. Then fold 1.5 inch of fabric from either side (for hooks and loops/zip/buttons insertion at back side of bodice) and after that fold whole fabric on it width wise.

3. Now on open side at top mark half of shoulder to shoulder width + 0.5 inch (sewing seam) and then from this point mark your shoulder length lengthwise. And join both points.

4. After that from open side (where we fold 1.5 inch for hooks and loops) at shoulder length, mark 1/4 of chest + 1 to 2 inches (sewing seam). Mark both fitting and cutting points.

5. At bottom of bodice i.e waist measure and mark 1/4 of waist + 1 to 2 inches width wise from open side. And now join chest and waist marks in slant and parallel manner.

6. Now at top mark a bit less than half of neck width and make a 0.5 inch slant line from this point to shoulder length line. And do curving for the arm round.

7. From the neck width, mark front neck and back neck length lengthwise resp. and do curving of necks.

8. For better finishing we can insert darts as per measurements.

9. And after that do marking and drafting of simple sleeves. Keep in mind that we don’t do drafting for front sleeve curve in kids.


1. For lower part of simple frock take length of bottom skirt + 1 to 2 inches extra (for sewing seam and folding at bottom).

2. In width you can take as much you like i.e if you want to make less flared frock then take less width and if you want to make a very flared frock then take more width.

3. After that do marking and drafting of strips which will be inserted as waist belt to tie up the frock from back.

Checkout this video tutorial video :


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