Piping In Sweetheart Neck | Stepwise Procedure With Images

In this post we will learn “how to make our sweetheart neck” more stylish by introducing piping alongside it. Sewing piping in sweetheart neck is a very simple procedure. You can easily remember it once you go through the following steps.

Material Required :
  • Sweetheart neck pattern
  • Basic tailoring tools like scissors, chalk, inch-tape, fixing-needles etc

Stepswise Procedure To Sew Piping In Sweetheart Neck :

1. First take sweetheart neck pattern and paste it on extra fabric. Then do cutting and stitching of front neck.

2. After that take contrast colored fabric.

3. Now, cut 1.5 inch wide slant strips from contrast colored fabric.

4. After that fold contrast colored strip a bit from one side and sew it.

5. Match strip with kurti(shirt) right to right and sew it alongside neck region. Place the strip in such a way that it you can see a bit of it on the back side.

6. Now mark small cuts on strip only.

7. Fold strip to the inner side and sew alongside the front neck boundary.

8. Take slant strip again, and fold it to the right side and sew alongside back neck boundary.

9. Mark small cuts.

The Final Touch :

1. Now we join shoulders(of front and back piece of shirt) matching right to right. But here first fold back neck slant strip onto front neck piping and then sew for the shoulders.

2. After that fold back neck slant strip till the front neck piping, and then sew alongside the back neck boundary.

3. After sewing, do hemming on the wrong side and your sweetheart neck with piping is ready.

I hope you understood the post and can easily make the sweetheart neck more stylish. If you want to double check the stepwise procedure, then down below are the video tutorials you can watch. Any query regarding this, you can ask in the comments section below. 🙂

Video Tutorial (In Hindi) :
Video Tutorial (In English) :


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