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Believe it or not but beds are your best friends. Confused! Why I say so. Beds are your best buddy because they gives you comfort after a long tiring day. Beds are your resting place after you come from work and feeling exhausted. A major part of a beautiful looking bed is its bedsheet. A perfect bedsheet can easily enhance your good mood to lie down in comfort. There is a sign of satisfaction when bedsheet is placed correctly and tidely. I’ve seen people going berserk when the bedsheet is not perfectly placed.
So, by going through this post you will easily understand how to make a perfect bedsheet for your bed. Also in this post you’ll get to know how to insert elastic in bedsheet to get top-notch fitting. Lets start the procedure which helps you to decorate your bed and bedroom in splendid way.

Overview :
Bed And Bedsheet
Bed And Bedsheet

Perfect Bedsheet – Measurements

1. First measure and note down your bed’s length and width.

2. After that measure bedsheet’s length and width(bedsheet dimension is always greater than that of bed).

3. Now substract the extra width of your bedsheet from bed’s width and divide it by 2. Mark a straight line on both sides of the fabric. GOT CONFUSED..?? Let me clear it with an example :-

  •  Suppose your bed’s width is 60 inches and your bedsheet’s width comes 72 inches. So substract the extra(72-60 inches) and result is 12 inches.
  • Now divide 12 inches by 2(12/2=6 inches).
  • Mark a straight line on both sides of bedsheet widthwise leaving 6 inches from the boundary.

4. Follow the same process in case of length also(No.3). After completing this we’ll get a rectangle or square in the middle of bedsheet.

Bedsheet After Marking Measurements
Bedsheet After Marking Measurements

Perfect Bedsheet – Cutting & Inserting Elastic

1. Fold from the center diagonally and join line 1 to line 2, match them and sew them. [Watch the video below to easily understand this step].

2. In the same manner sew line 3 to line 4, line 5 to line 6 and line 7 to line 8.

3. After that cut the inner extra fabric and you can do interlock sewing there also. [Watch video to easily understand this step.]

4. Now measure the boundary of bedsheet and take elastic 12-20 inches less than boundary of bedsheet.

5. Cut and sew the elastic to make it in a circular shape.

6. After that insert the elastic from one side and double fold the bedsheet’s fabric and sew alongside it. Keep in mind that elastic must not come in the way of stitching. Now you can prepare your bed with perfect bedsheet.

Watch video turtorial of perfect bedsheet making. Comment below if you could not understand something regarding this. I’ll try my best to solve your problem. 🙂

Video Tutorials :

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