Marking And Drafting Of Simple Pajama From Close Side

In this article we provide you the simplest way to learn marking and drafting of simple pajama from close side. In our quest to continue bringing you the information you’re searching for, we’ve been uploading diagrams for your comfort.

We can do marking and drafting by two different types, depending upon the open and close side of pajamas –

Simple Pajama From Close Side Pattern –

Simple Pajama From Close Side
Simple Pajama From Close Side
Marking And Drafting Of Simple Pajama From Close Side :

1. First take fabric equal to double of (length + 4 inch) lengthwise and keep it in two layers.

2. Now fold this doubled layer fabric widthwise equal to 1/3rd of hips + 2 inch as pajamas are of loose wearing.

3. After that fold 2 inch from top and bottom for cord/elastic band and foothole fold respectively.

4. Now take crotch length + 0.5 inch (sewing seam).

5. Draw another line (range of width gap is 1.0 to 2.5 inch) parallel to crotch length line.

6. Take 0.5 inch extra from the range gap on the crotch length line (if width gap is 1 inch, then take 1.5 inch lengthwise from bottom on crotch length line).

7. Join 0.5 inch extra lengthwise mark in a curve manner with the width gap mark.

8. At bottom (foothole) mark half of foothole + 0.5 inch (sewing seam).

9. Join the outer crotch length mark to foothole mark and then continue it in outer direction so that it matches the upper line of foothole mark.

The crotch length curving pattern is as follows :

crotch length pattern of simple pajama
crotch length pattern


In this we take 0.5 inch extra sewing seam at open side and in sewing after joining crotch length area by hidden stitching, then sew both open sides of the pajama. Rest marking and drafting is same like the close side simple pajama.

The diagram is as follows :

simple pajama from open side
simple pajama from open side





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