How To Make Loops For Neck Designs

In this post we are going to teach you how to make your kurti/suit necks look a lot better. For this we can insert loops in various ways. And by this step by step procedure you can easily understand how to make loops for neck designs.

Cutting Fabric For Loops :

1. First take a piece of fabric and cut it in slant manner, best is to cut an angle of 45°.

2. Then mark 1.5 to 2 inch wide for strips alongside. Cut as many strip as you need for making loops.

Stitching For Loops Making :

1. Now sew these strips matching right to right and making a “V” alphabet. By doing this strip comes in a straight line.

2. Do press stitching on the joints for better finishing.

3. After that fold it and sew it to the wrong side.

4. While stitching, first sew taking broad area of fabric and then gradually decrease it to narrow while going further (make sure that there are no bulges/declines in fabric).

5. Then cut the extra fabric from the open side of the loop. And now take a big needle with thread and make a stitch and fix it on the broader side.

6. Now put the needle from opposite end inside the loop and take the needle to the other side.

7. After that by pulling and pushing the thread from the broader side slowly take the fabric inside out (don’t pull and push harshly).

8. In this way we can make loops for decorating our neck or even arms and other part of kurti.

Video Tutorial On How To Make Loops :


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