Make Triangular Strips Of Two Shades

Double shaded triangular strip is a designer strip which can be used in our arm round, neck and slits. By joining double shaded triangular strips onto our kurti, frocks and tops makes it more attractive.

Materials Required :
  1. Two contrast colored fabric
  2. Tailoring accessories like threads, scissors etc etc
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Drafting And Cutting Of Double Shaded Triangular Strips :

1. First cut the contrast colored fabrics in simple straight strips (length and width as per required).

2. First sew both the strips lengthwise taking a margin of 0.5 inch. And do press stitching on the right side.

3.  After that mark point minding 1.5 inch gap (because here we are making 1.5 inch boxes) on the straight line.

4. Then extend these marks to either one side of strip fabric.

5. Now take the center of first box (i.e here half of 1.5 is 0.75 inch), mark it on the center line and extend it width wise to opposite side. After that from this point, mark points minding 1.5 inch gap. It means the recent points will come at center of previous boxes. Now extend these points to other side width wise.

7.  After that cut these lines width wise till the center line from both sides (don’t cut the center line).

Stitching Of Double Shaded Triangular Strips :

1. Now make a triangular shape from first box of either side and do sewing at the base bottom of triangle and proceed the same procedure till end.

2. After that similarly make the triangular shapes from the second side colored fabric too.

3. Now fold either side of tiangulars on each other and sew it from the base. So that rough inner fabric is hidden inside the sewing.

Double shaded strip is ready to sewn on the dress to make it more glamorous.

Your double shaded triangular strip is ready
Your double shaded triangular strip is ready
Video Tutorial In Hindi :
Video Tutorial In English :


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