How To Make Bias Piping With Dori | Step-wise Procedure With Images

By making of bias piping with dori and inserting it in suit/dresses gives an attractive look to it. It adds extra glimpse of glamour to your looks. And it is very easy to make a bias piping. In this post, you get to know how to make a single contrast colored bias piping with dori.

Fabric And Materials :

1. Take bias fabric (fabric in slant manner) near about 1.5 to 2 inch in width.

2. Dori (can be thick or thin) according to your choice.

3. Usual tailoring materials like scissors, threads, measureing tape etc.

How To Make Bias Piping With Dori :

1. Place dori in middle of bias tape (taking center of broadness) on the wrong side and then fold the bias tape/fabric.

2. Sew alongside dori using zipper foot. First fix the dori at begining so that dori remains stable while stitching alongside it.

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Inserting The Bias Piping With Dori :

1. Place closed part of sewn dori fabric to wrong side alongside the slits. Make sure that closed part of dori is towards the opposite slit. Then sew the dori on the previous stitching.

2. Do stitching as same to all parts of the slits and sew it till 2 to 2.5 inch above the hip length.

3. After that come to right side of suit/kurti and measure the required bottom width widthwise. Now divide equal fabric on both ends widthwise (as bottom width comes a bit more than required).

4. Now fold the slit-dori to right side and fold it again till required bottom width mark taking the piping outside. Then sew the fold slit-dori on right side alongside the slits.

Benefit Of Inserting Piping :

The benefit of inserting piping like this in slits is that, if you want to alter suit/dress in future it is much easier because we don’t have to do cutting.

5. After that, flip at the wrong side and do hand stitching alongside the slits and bottom width.

Your dress/kurti is ready to wear.

Video Tutorial In Hindi :
Video Tutorial In English :


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