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Lehanga is a form of skirt from the Indian subcontinent which is long, embroidered and pleated. Whenever there is a occasion to dress traditionally, Lehanga always come around the corner. When it comes to world of ethnic dressing, first and foremost thing cross a women mind is wearing a Lehanga.

Called As Language
Lehanga Or Lahenga Or Ghagra Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Kashmiri And Gujrati
Pavadai Tamil
Lacha Malayalam
Langa Telegu And Kannada

But before deciding to buy one, you must know the variety of lehangas in fashion and which one is best for your body type.

Body Type Explained :

Body Types Explained
Body Types Explained

I hope, based on the above images you have understood your body type by now. Now let’s understand various types of lehangas available in the fashion market.

There are usually 7 types of lehanga, which are as follows :

1. Mermaid Or Fishtail

These are tight at the knees and flares out from calf in form of fish tail imitating the mermaids.


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  • Best pick up for hourglass or banana body type and looks nice with halter neck choli. Wear proper bodysuit beneath it.

2. A-Line

This resembles to English alphabet “A” which is tighter at waist and flare out to the bottom. Pleats are basically less in this lehenga and is elegant and easier to carry.


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  • Best choice for hourglass, pear body, suits well on tall women too. Varying lengths of choli can go with this lehanga.

3. Straight Cut

Resembling a wrap around skirt that goes straight from waist to the hem. Doesn’t flare out much like others as it is a straight skirt following your body curves.


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  • One of the most versatile option and goes well with almost every body type. We don’t suggest you this if you are way too thin. Choli blouse or blouse will be a perfect match with this. Just careful with wearing appropriate inner as it is extremely skin hugging attire.

4. Paneled

This one consist of various number of panels attached along the flares. These panels can be of same fabric or a contrasting set of fabrics can be used to give colorful designs."Paneled

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  • Perfect for pear, hourglass and petite body types and matches best with long cholis. Good choice if you are attending a traditional wedding when you aren’t a bride.

5. Circular Or Flared

As the name suggesting, it has multiple pleats stitched at waist which form a complete circle at hem. It is one of the oldest and most traditional style lehenga that has extreme volume.


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  • Goes perfect with all body types (not suggested if your waist is way too slim). Too much embroidery on the fabric won’t be a really good choice for this type.

6. Sharara Cut

These are stitched from the middle of hem like trousers or huge palazzo but look like lehanga as a whole.


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  • Goes perfect with almost all body types (doesn’t look that good on petite or women with too slim legs). Long kurti till hip or calf is the flawless match with this type.

7. Half Saree Lehanga

It is inspired from the traditional  South Indian half sarees which gives a virtual saree look. The saree look is basically due to the way  one drapes dupatta with the lehenga.


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  • Usually a low flare A-line lehenga which looks well with all body types and matches good with choli blouse.

Here are the types for choli for your lehangas :

types of choli for lehangas
types of choli for lehangas
And here is the chart for the best matches of choli or blouse with your lehenga :


So this is my effort to provide you some basic and essential knowledge regarding this ethnic attire that can help you to choose the designer or bridal lehangas.


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