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A jacket is a mid-stomach-length attire for the upper body. We got many reasons to love jackets as it is trendy, funky but elegant plus stylish but subtle at the same time. Some jackets are fashionable while other serve as protective clothing. Classification of jackets for men have never-ending variety. So here in this post, I listed down top 4 jackets men must have in their wardrobe.

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♦ Top 4 Jackets Men Must Have In This Winter Season ♦

1. Denim Jackets
Jackets For Men Denim Jackets
Jackets For Men Denim Jackets

Also known as jean jackets, denim jackets was created by a legend and Levi’s founder Levi Strauss. Denim jackets are often seen as an iconin element of fashion. Also nowadays you can easily see a denim jacket with a hood in the market. Some denim jackets also comes with inner-coated fur, which prevents you from cold weather.

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2. Bomber Jackets
Men's Fashion - Bomber Jackets
Men’s Fashion – Bomber Jackets

It is a casual jacket, also known as “flight jacket” which is originally created for pilots. Eventually this jacket become part of popular fashion and cultural display.  Bomber jackets are basically leather jacket having a fitted or elastic waist and often a pile collar.

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3. Leather Jackets
Men's Fashion - Leather Jackets
Men’s Fashion – Leather Jackets

Also known as motorcycle jacket, leather jacket is the mother of all jackets. Those who love to ride two-wheeler acknowledge leather jacket as a part of their body. Nowadays leather jackets also comes with a hood which is gaining attention in the market.

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4. Evening Jackets
Evening Jackets For Men
Evening Jackets For Men

This is a type of jacket men can wear when they don’t wanna look too casual or too traditional. Evening jackets usually comes with a “ban neck” which provides an extra glimpse to glamour. Evening jackets goes well with both denims and trousers. All men must have one or two evening jackets in their wardrobe because there are lot of ceremonies which they can’t attend in casual or in too much traditional way.

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