How To Insert Visible Zip In Pants, Skirts, Palazzo etc | Step-to-step Guidance With Images

In this post, we teach you the simplest way to insert visible zip in pants, skirts Or palazzo. Step by step tutorial with proper guidance regarding the visible zip insertion.

Work You Have To Do On Your Garment :

1. First of all mark the required length where you want to insert zip.

2. Then do permanent stitching on the remaining length matching right to right of fabrics (front and back pieces of palazzo or pants).

3. After that do temporary sewing on the required length where you have to insert visible zip matching right to right of fabrics.

4. Press or iron temporary sewing line from the wrong side.

Inserting Visible Zip :

1. Place right side of zip on wrong side of sewn line (temporary)  and pin it up at top & bottom.

2. After that flip fabric to right side and pin up the zip firmly on temporary sewing line (feel the center of zip by your finger, and then pin it up). And remove the pins from wrong side.

3.  Now start sewing alongside the zip from starting point till end of zip insertion.

4. At end of zip insertion, sew firmly near about 3 to 4 stitches (for better strength).  After that rotate your garment and do stitching on the other side of zip too.

5. At last undo temporary stitching and your visible zip is inserted perfectly.

This is the simple and yet flawless method to insert visible zip in any garment whether it is pants, palazzo, blouses or skirts. Hope you understand it, if any query ask in the comment box. 🙂

 Video Tutorial :


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