Draped Skirt Stitching | How To Do It Properly

Lets finish what we have started, beautifully! The simple yet designer draped skirt. We already describe the marking and drafting of it, here is the linkClick HereDraped skirt stitching is quite simple, you just have to insert pleats properly and keep a few things in mind.

Draped Skirt Stitching :

1. In draped skirt stitching, first of all insert pleats in middle belt part. Start sewing from narrow pointer line and gradually increase at middle and then ending to opposite narrow pointed side.

2. By stitching of pleats we get a less wide area at top (waist region) and a more wide area at low waist region. And also make two strips of 1 to 1.5 inch in width and 8 to 10 in length.

3. After that make one more strip from remaining fabric, from this we will make loops of 2 to 3 inch.

Belt Portion Stitching :

1. Now on the right side, take center of 1st part of skirt belt and sew loop near about 0.5 inch below it. Sew another loop leaving sewing seam at open side. Now put rings between these loops and sew them again for fixing of rings.

2. After fixing rings, now sew the middle part of belt with 1st part matching right to right. Also do press stitching on it. After that sew 3rd part with middle part matching right to right.

3. Now sew strips (8 to 10 inch long) on right side of 3rd belt part which must come in straight line with the inserted rings. Then fold belt to wrong side and sew lengthwise on both ends leaving a margin of 0.5 inch.

Velcro Stitching :
  • For stitching, take two pieces of 2.5 to 3 inch measurement of Velcro and open it. Fix one part of Velcro pieces on right side of the 1st belt part. Fix other part on the opposite side of 3rd belt part (near center of belt), so they can grip the waist part properly.
  • Make sure that Velcro pieces are stitched on single fabric of double sided belt so that stitching is not visible on the other side of belt fabric.
Bottom Part Stitching :

1. In bottom skirt part, first match fabric right to right and sew it lengthwise.

2. Now fold the outer part of the bottom skirt to the wrong side. And mark half of waist from both end towards the inner side. After that insert simple pleats on the remaining fabric at center. These pleats must be equal to the width of middle part of belt.

3. After that match the wrong side to back side of belt from where we left 0.5 inch gap and sew it.

4. Now flip skirt and belt to right side, fold 0.5 inch of belt fabric and keep it on the previous stitching, then sew it alongside the belt.

5. Now mark the required length of the skirt from top of belt and fold fabric to wrong side.

Your draped skirt stitching is done and designer skirt is ready to wear.

Video Tutorial 🙂


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