Cutting And Stitching Of Simple Neck Patterns

By this post, you can easily understand how to do cutting and stitching of simple neck patterns. Just go through from merely a few hundred words of this post and you can effectively able to cut and sew your neck patterns and it will clear your basics at once.

For Marking And Drafting : Simple Neck Pattern Marking And Drafting

In the above link, we tried to tell you the basic marking and drafting pattern of neck designs. After that we do cutting and stitching and for this you can follow these easy steps.

If you are making simple neck from your kurti directly – 

1. After making any simple neck pattern i.e U, V, Square or Heart, cut the neck design on the marked line/curve.

2. If it is U shape neck, then you can cut bias tape of 1.5 inch in width and join to your neck, after that mark small cuts and take the bias tape to the wrong side. Fold the bias tape and do hemming.

3. If it is of any other shape (excluding U shape neck), then take the portion of neck design you cut from kurti fabric, put it on other remaining cloth and mark alongside the design. After that mark another line 1.5 inches away parallel to the previous design line and then cut the inner and outer marked lines. By doing this, you’ll have the fabric exactly needed for neck pattern. Now match right to right the points of kurti and cut neck design (from remaining cloth), then sew it alongside neck and after that mark small cuts. Take it to wrong side and do hemming.

4. Your front neck is ready.

If you are making your neck from ready made patterns – 

1. After pasting your neck pattern, sew it alongside the inner side of neck design and then cut taking 0.5 inch extra from the outer side of neck pattern. Fold the extra fabric on ready made pattern and sew it. Also mark neck’s center.

2. Now mark a center on right side of front piece of kurti/suit and match centers of neck design fabric(right side) and front kurti piece(right side), then mark required length of neck from the center and pin up it with the front kurti fabric.

3. Now sew alongside the neck design from inner side. After that cut the inner portion of neck leaving 0.5 inch of cloth(for small cuts)  and then mark small cuts.

4. Take the ready made pattern neck design to wrong side and do hemming.

If you are making your neck from hard fusion paper –

1. After making your desired neck pattern on fusion paper, cut it.

2. For stitching of this type of neck patterns, follow the same steps as mentioned above for ready made neck patterns.


1. First cut the marking of back neck on back piece. Then take the back piece of kurti OR shirt and 1.5 inch bias tape and sew it alongside the back neck.

2. Mark small cuts and fold it once again alongside the back neck to the wrong side and sew it again.

  • Now join shoulders – Take your front and back piece of kurti matching right to right and folding the bias tape on front neck and sew the shoulders width wise.



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