Bolster Pillow Cover Making, Step by step Procedure With Images

A bolster is a long narrow pillow or cushion filled with cotton, down or fibre. By this post you’ll easily understand how to make a pillow cover for bolster which adds an attractive look to it. And you can easily make bolster pillow covers of 3 or 4 shades according to the color of your bed-sheets.

Fabric Needed :

Fabric needed for bolster pillow cover is equal to its circumference + 1 inch (sewing seam).

Bolster Pillow Cover Drafting And Cutting :

1. First of all measure length and circumference of the pillow. Length is measured from one center to the other center of pillow lengthwise.

2. Now fold the fabric in 2 layers equal to half of circumference + 1 inch.

3. In length, take length + 3 inch (cord insertion). Make a line and cut it.

Bolster Pillow Cover Stitching :

1. In stitching, first of all sew 0.5 inch on the recently cut line from open side. After that leave near about 1.5 inch fabric and sew straight.

2. While coming to other end, leave 1.5 inch there too and then sew the end 0.5 inch line firmly.

3. After that, now fold the open sewn area on wrong side and sew it. By doing this we get a hole for cord insertion.

4. Fold 1.5 inch of fabric alongside the circumference and also fold a bit inside and sew it. In this way cord insertion path will be sewn.

5. After that, flip pillow cover to right side and insert cord.

6. Now cover pillow cover onto bolster and bind both ends with cord. Your bolster pillow is ready to be kept in your living room.

Video Tutorial :


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