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The first and foremost thing in tailoring profession is the knowledge of body to take perfect measurements. In this post you can easily know how to take body measurements. We explained it on mannequin, so you can easily understand it.

How To Take Body Measurements :
First of all, start from the upper body lengths. It includes the following :
  1. Shoulder length
  2. Waist length
  3. Hip length
  4. Total length

Upper body measurements - lengths
Upper body measurements – lengths

Then move on to the upper body widths or circumference which includes the following :
  1. Shoulder to shoulder width
  2. Chest
  3. Waist
  4. Lower waist
  5. Hips
  6. Bottom width/hem (which we take accordingly to our garment i.e if “A shape” kurti then we take more bottom width/hem OR when we are making simple kurti then we take less bottom width)

Sleeve’s measurements are also covered in the following diagram.

Upper body measurements - widths
Upper body measurements – widths
After that we jump to the lower part lengths, which includes :
  1. Belt length
  2. Crotch length
  3. Thigh length
  4. Knee length
  5. Calf length
  6. Total length
Lower part measurements - lengths
Lower part measurements – lengths
Now come to the lower widths/circumference part, which includes the following :
  1. Belt width (when measured from front part only) OR belt circumference (when measured wholly)
  2. Thigh circumference
  3. Knee circumference
  4. Foothole
Lower part measurements - widths
Lower part measurements – widths
At last, the neck portion measurements which includes :
  1. Front neck length/deepness
  2. Neck width
  3. Back neck length/deepness (it depends upon the type of neck you are making). If you are making standing collar then it is nil, and in some ban collars it is up to 1 inch. If you are making a deep back cut blouse then it can be up to the waist length.
Body measurements - neck portion
Body measurements – neck portion

So here is the basic body measurements you must know while making your dress. Hope you find it easy to understand. If any query regarding this, you can ask freely in the comment box 🙂

Video Tutorials : How To Take Body Measurements
How to take measurements for new kurti and salwar from old one :


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