Drafting, Cutting And Stitching Of Bloomer

Bloomer is an underwear for small babies. During initial stage of tailoring profession, usually the first thing we practice is how to make a baby bloomer.

Fabric needed for bloomer is double of (length + 4 inches) and the fabric is kept in 4 layers (first fold it lengthwise and then width wise).

Drafting Of Bloomer :

1. After taking the required fabric fold it equal to one third (1/3rd) of total hips + 2 to 2.5 inches width wise.

2. From one open side mark straight crotch length + 2.5 inch (for fabric at waist band and sewing seam) lengthwise.

3. Now from crotch length line take 1 to 1.5 inch mark to inner side width wise and draw a parallel line. On recent drawn line take 0.5 inch extra at crotch bottom lengthwise than the gap between the two parallel lines (i.e if gap is 1.5 inch then take 2 inch on line). And now make a curve till outer line for crotch comfort.

4. At bottom (total length end of garment or at foothole) take 1 to 1.5 inch inner side width wise and mark crotch curve end to it in a slant manner.

Cutting Of Bloomer :

1. Start cutting the inner parallel line and then the crotch curve.

2. After that cut the marked slant line till bottom (foothole).

Before stitching do pico (inter lock sewing) at top and bottom ends width wise.

Stitching Of Bloomer :

1. After pico, draw a straight lines width wise on wrong side leaving 1.25 to 1.5 inch margin at top and bottom of both leg parts.

2. Then again draw parallel line to first line at top and bottom minding a gap of 1.25 to 1.5 inch between them.

3. Now match both parallel lines by folding and sew it for elastic insertion at top and bottom.

4. After that, take out fabric to right side and do press stitching on recent marked stitching. Now take elastic to your comfort and insert it in the gaps and fix elastic by stitching it at both ends.

5. Then sew the crotch length matching right to right by hidden stitching.

Hidden Stitching Procedure –
  1. First match fabrics right to right and keep lower fabric a bit extra on other fabric and sew it on wrong side.
  2. Then fold extra fabric onto less cloth and do second sewing on wrong side too.
  3. Now flip your fabric and do sewing on the right side parallel to the second sewing.

6. At last do bottom stitching i.e starting from one foothole to other covering the crotch area by hidden stitching. Just make sure while doing stitching your fabric (other than foothole to foohole) do not come between the sewing from any side.

Your bloomer is ready to wear and watch video tutorial for better understanding, see ya 🙂


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