Baby Yoke Frock Pattern Making, Drafting And Cutting

Yoke frock is a funky cute looking frock which goes very well with kids and adults also. Yoke is the upper part normally upto the bust size. And you can make yoke part of same color as of bottom part of frock OR use contrast color fabric.

Fabric Needed For Baby Yoke Frock :

1 to 1.5 meters of fabric for 2-3 years old.

Yoke Frock Pattern :
Yoke Frock Pattern
Yoke Frock Pattern
Baby Yoke Frock Drafting :
Front Part Of Yoke Frock :

1. For front part of yoke frock, fold the front yoke piece in 4 layers (as we are making double yoke for front and back) and from close part take half of shoulder to shoulder width + 0.5 inch width wise.

2. From the same close part point, take half of neck width – a bit less (say 0.25 inch) and from marked neck width take neck length/depth accordingly, make a box and do curving of front neck.

3. Now from marked point of shoulder to shoulder width, make a straight line till end of yoke fabric and do curving towards the closed part.

Cutting Of Front Yoke Part :

1. Now cut both the curves and after cutting adjust them on fabric for back part of yoke frock.

Back Part Of Yoke Frock :

We draft the back yoke part later because, we keep back yoke part near about 2 to 2.5 inch lengthy at shoulder. By this we can flip it (back piece) on front piece of yoke and insert buttons properly. And after inserting buttons, we can easily make button holes on back piece accordingly.

1. Adjust front piece matching close parts of fabric. Take near about 2 to 2.5 inch extra from above (neck side) and make a straight line towards neck position.

2. From recently marked line, measure back neck depth/length, make a box according to depth & width and then do curving till end of extra take fabric. Also extend the outer curve.

3. After that, mark a line alongside the front yoke and do cutting.

4. Now you can see the extra fabric in back yoke will flip on front yoke part and we can insert buttons and button holes easily.

Bottom Skirt Part :

1. After cutting yoke part of frock, take bottom part fabric equal to length + sewing seam lengthwise. Take width of bottom skirt as per your wish (usually we take 18-20 inch more than hips circumference). For front bottom part take 4 to 5 inch more in width than back part of bottom skirt as ruffles or pleats are more at front part.

2. Do cutting for front and back bottom parts. Both will look like a rectangular piece of fabric.

Armhole Curving And Cutting :

1. First match borders of front and back piece of bottom skirt (match it right to right) and then fold it in 4 layers.

2. Do armhole curving according to your measurements (range is 2 to 4 inch in length and 1 to 2.5 inch in width).

3. After curving, cut the curve.

Video Tutorial :


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