24 Paneled Anarkali Stitching

After passing one hurdle i.e drafting and cutting of 24 paneled anarkali, now let’s complete what we started. Anarkali stitching is not difficult task and you have to go through this post to find out. Here we provided you the step-wise procedure to easily sew your anarkali suit.

24 Paneled Anarkali Stitching :

1. First keep panels of anarkali in two layers adjusting the side armhole panels on both sides.

2. After that take the upper layer of armhole side panel and adjacent panel, then sew it from top to bottom matching right to right.

3. Now take stitched panels and next non-stitched panel and sew them from bottom to top and repeat this procedure till end. Do it for both front and back piece panels.

(Stitching protocol for panels – first top to bottom then bottom to top then again top to bottom…..repeat it till end). 

4. After that do press stitching on all the stitching line for better finishing.

5. If your anarkali fabric is transparent type then cut lining accordingly with respect to panels and sew it with main fabric. First sew lining with main fabric at top till armholes.

6. After that make your front and back neck. Then do drafting & cutting of sleeves and after that join shoulders of front and back pieces.

7. Now make a line with chalk on both sides on anarkali and sew all four pieces (2 main fabric and 2 lining) together till a little farther from your waist length. And after that sew main fabric with main fabric and lining with lining fabric separately.

8. While stitching of side fittings, leave near about 1 to 1.5 inch at hem and sew designer lace there.

9. Now sew sleeves and if you want to make it sleeveless then simply sew bias tape alongside armhole. Your 24 paneled anarkali stitching is done and it is ready to wear.

Anarkali Stitching Tutorial (IN HINDI) :
Anarkali Stitching Tutorial (IN ENGLISH) :


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