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This Wedding Season Uncommon outfits for Indian brides

In traditional Indian society marriage has always seen as a ritualistic affair but modern Indian society is taking the “big fat Indian wedding” game a notch higher with extravagant budget and destination venues. And even the brides aren’t shying away from being innovative and experimental on their “best day”. Long gone are the days when Indian brides were the personification of a demure girl with fluttering eyelashes and dressed quintessentially in red or maroon or [if the complexion allowed then] in pink on her wedding day. New era Indian woman have become more confident about her, and she is enjoying the power of earning her own bread, driving her own car and moreover being comfortable in her own skin. Her independence has given her the confidence to explore and invent herself and this is becoming more evident with the choice of bridal outfits.

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Here are some interesting outfits which made us wonder and you too can incorporate them in
your wardrobe to stand apart from being a regular bride:-

#tag lehenga:-

Uncommon Outfits For Brides - Lehenga
Uncommon Outfits For Brides – Lehenga

Hashtag is no longer a key we used to press whilst asking information from the telecom service providers. The entire social media runs on hashtags, as they are very important to trend a topic on social media. And what is more important than your wedding outfit and certainly you want it to be “trendy”. What’s the best way to do it? #tag your lehenga! A bride overtook the social media with a storm when she wore a lehenga with hastags. Certainly, not a traditional thing to do but she showed how our lives are revolving around the
social media. A quirky lehenga for a chirpy ride with lots of swag!!

Red is no longer “hot”:-

Yes! Red is not longer a hot choice among the urban Indian brides. The brides are choosing colors according to their choices and not along the dictum. Though red and maroon still enjoy high premium but brides are opening up to unusual hues like cream, gold and even purple. There are numerous reasons for that, some brides want to wear their favorite shade on their biggest days while some want to follow what their astrologers prescribed and some really want to stand apart. 2020 is seeing a lot more coming in with contrasting colors like cyan and magenta to floral prints on peach, this year will definitely have some outstanding wedding dresses tailored.

Uncommon Outfits For Indian Brides - Red Is No Longer Hot
Uncommon Outfits For Indian Brides – Red Is No Longer Hot

Gowns are the new lehengas:-

Uncommon Outfits For Brides - Gowns Are The New Lehengas
Uncommon Outfits For Brides – Gowns Are The New Lehengas

If you’re an Indian bride then a 20 pound lehenga isn’t your only option for the wedding attire. Fashion world has a number of interesting options for you and gowns are clearly ruling the charts. Despite the fact, that gowns are “strictly” western, they are coming with lots of “Indianization”. With beads and glitters, gowns are not longer a long dress with puffy sleeves. They are fashionable, embellished and bespoke too. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a gown and stun the invitees.

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Sari is never “outdated”:-

Uncommon Outfits For Brides - Sari Is Never Outdated
Uncommon Outfits For Brides – Sari Is Never Outdated

Sari was, sari is and sari will always be the staple wear for the Indian woman. Nothing can beat the elegance of sari and its amaranthine charm which is now appreciated globally. It is really worth pondering that a 6-yards garment is worn without a single stitch.



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