Types of sunglasses For Women | Which Type Suits You The Most

Different types of sunglasses for women: How to know your best pick?

Glasses have always added a zing to the [already] pretty faces of women. Once worn only by
cinema-stars, glasses have become very popular with everyone and they’ve evolved a lot with
time. Now there’s a whole range of various shapes and sizes to choose from.
Although, sunglasses add glamour to the face but still not every pair goes with every face. A
wrong pair can make you look older than your age or may make your face seem too chubby or
skinny. Therefore, it is paramount to choose the right type of sunglasses according to your face.

Know Your Face Type :

Know Your Face Type
Know Your Face Type

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Here’s a quick list of handy tips about different types of sunglasses and which size will suit your
face cut :-

Sunglasses For Women

Aviator pair for a Square-shaped face :-

Aviator Sunglasses
Aviator Sunglasses

Once wore and popularized by the pilots, aviators are loved by sundry. They go really well with
a square face cut. A square-shaped face is usually a very broad face that gives a “fuller”
appearance. Therefore aviators will do great with square or broad faces but you can also try
round glasses as they’re opposite of your face shape and will make it look narrower than it is.

Shield glasses for a round face :-

Shield Sunglasses
Shield Sunglasses

If you have a round face that means your face has pronounced curves rather the
corners/angles. Such faces have a cherubic charm and to enhance the corners of your faces
you can opt for a shield-style pair.
The shield will accentuate the T-zone and will also add a dash of drama to your face. You can
opt for a wrap as well if you’re more into experimenting then you can go for a simple square
pair to play a safe game. These glasses will give your face a sharper and smarter look but be

careful while choosing the frame if you’re buying a wrap as a showy frame will make you look
way too flashy.

Round pair for an oval face :-

Round Sunglasses
Round Sunglasses

If you have an oval face then you have the best face-type as this is the shape which goes with
every kind of glasses available. Therefore, technically you can pick whatever you feel like
wearing but as the thumb-rule states, contrast is the key.
For an oval face, a round pair of glasses will look terrific. You can also try a rimless pair for a
younger and cuter look.

Wayfarers for oblong faces :-

Wayfarer Sunglasses
Wayfarer Sunglasses

Oblong faces or rectangular faces look amazing with retro-style bigger frames and glasses.
These glasses liven-up the faces and make them look sharper. Therefore, for such a face cut,
wayfarers or cat eye glasses can be the best bet ever.
Cat eyes give a chic, feline and old-school charm to your face, could be a perfect pick for a kitty

Butterfly glasses for a heart-shaped face :-

Butterfly Sunglasses
Butterfly Sunglasses

A heart-shaped face is also called a triangle face is one which is tapering at the chin. If you have
a triangular face then you should opt for a butterfly pair or a round pair or an aviator pair of
glasses to distract the focus on your chin or the lower jaw.
Such glasses will also make your face look balanced rather than skinny.

Rimless pairs for a diamond-shaped face :-

Rimless Sunglasses
Rimless Sunglasses

The diamond shape is known for a tapering jaw line and a thin forehead with the cheekbones
being the most prominent part of the face. As the cheekbones are quite wide in your face, you
must try a rimless pair to avoid further attention near your cheekbones.
You can also try a round or a semi-rimless pair if you want to experiment with your look or are
bored with repetition.

And here comes the end to our list, we hope that now you can pick your glasses more
confidently. Please keep in mind that frame color and print or design make a huge difference
too so you must choose them according to your age and the occasion.

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