Type 1 Underwear Cutting And Stitching For Beginners | Basic Tailoring

Undergarments are items of clothing which we wear  beneath our clothes. These garments are in direct contact of our body. In this post, we learn how to do cutting and stitching of an underwear. It is basic tailoring and eventually everyone starts its tailoring career from this point.

4 Types of underwear :

1. Underwear with miyani

2. Pant-cut underwear

3. V or U shape underwear

4. Punjabi Kachera (a traditional undergarment worn by Sikhs)

Mainly there are 4 types of underwear as mentioned above, and in this post I’m going to teach you how to make an underwear with miyani (miyani is triangular extra fabric in crotch area).

Fabric Required For Underwear Cutting:

Cloth needed to make type 1 underwear(with miyani) is double of (length + 4 inches).

Ex- if length of your underwear is 10 inches, then fabric required is 2 x (10+4) = 2 x 14 = 28 inches.
Underwear With Miyani Drafting :

1. Fold fabric in 2 layers lengthwise.

2. Then again fold it widthwise equal to 1/3rd of hips + 2 inches. Now the fabric is in 4 layers.

3. Now take the required fabric length + 4 inches. And cut the required fabric.

4. Now keep the close part toward your side, and fold 2 inch from one side for cord insertion. Also fold 1.5 to 2 inch from the other side for folding.

5. After that from bottom open part mark 1.5 inch in length & 1 inch in width, and make a box.

6. Now make a curve matching the point of crotch length to the bottom of fabric.

7. Then from the top(cord insertion side) take 1 inch and mark a point. After that join this point to crotch end point in slant manner. (#7 step is optional, just to give the underwear a bit shape because waist is lesser than hips.)

Type 1 Underwear Cutting :

1. First cut the curve.

2. Then cut the slant line.

Underwear Cutting (Miyani Part) :

There are 2 measurements for cutting a miyani (Fabric is in 2 layers):
For child :
– Length of miyani = 5 inch
– Width of miyani = 2.5 inch
For Adult :
– Length of miyani = 7 inch
– Width of miyani = 3 inch

1. Take fabric in 2 layer lengthwise equal to miyani’s length (5 or 7 inch.)

2. Now fold the fabric widthwise, so that miyani’s fabric comes in 4 layers. After that draw a line matching the length and width dimensions (it will look like a right angled triangle).

3. In this step take a 0.5 inch mark on the slant line at the bottom part and make a curve matching the center of miyani.

4. After that cut the slant line including the curve.

Underwear Stitching :
1. Take one piece and join miyani piece on both side of it at crotch region, matching right to right with hidden sewing method.

2. After that take another piece of fabric and sew it to the recent stitched piece(with miyani part) till cord insertion point.

3. Mark 2 inch line on the right side at upper waist part of underwear.

4. Take elastic to your comfort(usually 3 to 4 inch less than your waist).

5. Make a elastic band by firmly stitching it.

6. Now simply insert elastic at cord insertion by folding and sewing it.

7. After that fold the bottom foothole part.

8. At last sew the bottom crotch region, starting from one foothole including crotch region till other foothole by hidden stitching. Your underwear is ready to be worn.



Hello readers, my name is Usha and I'm a full time teacher of tailoring profession. I've been teaching since last 16 years and in year 2016 I've decided to take this online. Thanks to you readers, subscribers and internet for making this happen. Here at ushaseminary I write about drafting, cutting, clothing and fashion :)

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