Type 2 Underwear Cutting & Stitching | Pant Cut Underwear

Pant Cut underwear is another type of simple underwear everyone should know. The process of making a pant cut underwear is really simple. There are 4 type of underwear which are as follows :

4 Types of underwear :

1. Underwear with miyani

2. Pant-cut underwear

3. V or U shape underwear

4. Punjabi Kachera (a traditional undergarment worn by Sikhs)

Fabric Required For Pant Cut Underwear:

Cloth needed to make type 2 underwear(pant cut underwear) is double of (length + 4 inches).

Ex- if length of your underwear is 10 inches, then fabric required is 2 x (10+4) = 2 x 14 = 28 inches.
Pant Cut Underwear Making :

Pant Cut Underwear Drafting :

1. Fold bulk fabric in two layers lengthwise.

2. Now again fold the fabric widthwise equal to one third of hips + 2 inch(sewing seam). The fabric is now in 4 layers.

3. Mark length of underwear + 4 inches and cut the fabric(the required fabric for pant cut underwear).

4. Then mark 2 inch at top and draw a line for cord insertion and 2 inch at bottom for bottom folding.

5. Fold bottom and pin it up.

6. After that take crotch length + 2.5 inch(cord & bottom sewing) from top part(where we marked for cord insertion).

7. Now make a mark of 1.5 inch on inner side(range is from 0.75 to 2.5 inches) as it depends upon the width of your hips. *less the width of hips less the mark on inner side.

8. Then mark the same on the top i.e 1.5 inch and draw a straight line.

9. After that, from the bottom of crotch length(on the marked line) take 2 inch mark towards the top side. And now draw a curve to the outer side so that it match the outer point.

10. Now take half of foothole + 1 inch from closed part widthwise and mark it. Then join this mark to outermost point of crotch region.

Pant Cut Underwear Cutting :

1. Cut the slant line starting from foothole

2. Then cut the curve.

3 . After that cut straight on the marked line.

4. Cutting of underwear is completed.

Pant Cut Underwear Stitching :

1. In stitching, first match right to right and sew crotch length via hidden stitching.

2. After that mark a line of 2 inch on the right top side of the underwear and insert elastic. Then fold cord insertion region also.

3. Now fold bottom width.

4. At-last, sew the crotch area starting from one foothole including crotch region till other foothole via hidden stitching.

5. Your pant cut underwear is ready to be worn.



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