Off Season Shopping For This Year | New Fashion Trends

Off Season Shopping This year’s fashion trends

Fashion is never off-season. Though festivities have come to a halt after spring has bloomed to its fullest, nobody can stop you from being trendy and what’s the best thing about off-season fashion? You won’t need to stand in long queues at the mall because most of the people have already bought what they wanted to flaunt during the festivities.

So how can you look trendy this season while doing off season shopping, go through this handy guide :-

Fashion goes “Manly” :-

Off Season Shopping - 3 piece suit
Off Season Shopping – 3 piece suit

A 3-piece suit which was traditionally considered a man’s attire has become one of the hot picks this off-season. A 3-piece suit gives a trendy and a professional look at the same time. And what can be more appealing than a woman dressed in a crisp suit like a boss with an attitude to die for.

“Green” is in :-

Off Season Shopping - Green Is In
Off Season Shopping – Green Is In

With greenery everywhere, it is hard to ignore this hue. Found in most number of shades, green is the color of the season and owning a dress in green is “mandatory” this spring.

However, pistachio green is “red hot” this season as it goes with every complexion.

Collar-up :-

Off Season Shopping - Collar Up
Off Season Shopping – Collar Up

Another interesting classic piece of attire is here again, the good old buttoned down collared shirt. It gives an interesting twist to your palazzo or formal trousers. This can be both a formal and a casual wear.

The rule book says the bigger the collar the better look!

70’s vibes :-

Off Season Shopping - 70s Vibes
Off Season Shopping – 70s Vibes

Every fashion season has a yester-decade as its source of inspiration and this time it’s the 70s that is making a comeback. Right from the 3-piece formal suits to large collared shirts everything has a nostalgic 70s vibe to it. You can cash it on by flaunting a 70s hairdo or large flashy glasses just like the 70s.

Try leather :-

Off Season Shopping - Try Leather
Off Season Shopping – Try Leather

Leather or suede is one of the most significant fashion icons of the 70s. Who can forget those 70s stars who lit up the silver screens dressed in sleek leather jackets and made us gasp and gulp, every time they appeared on the screen.

Leather which is itself an evergreen material has made a dramatic comeback this season. Right from jackets to belts it is everywhere and people are splurging to buy them. If you can’t afford a lot of suede just buy one or two elegant pieces and mix & match them trousers or jeans and let people turn green!

Puffed sleeves :-

Off Season Shopping - Puffed Sleeves
Off Season Shopping – Puffed Sleeves

Though not a new arrival in 2020, but certainly one of the most interesting features of this spring. Puffed sleeves are everywhere be it on shoulders, or elbows but they are here and are going to stay.

So, you can do it with a frock, dress or a blouse with a skirt. Puffed sleeves are good for those who have lots of chub on their arms, as it can camouflage it easily.

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 Drawstrings :-

Off Season Shopping - Drawstrings
Off Season Shopping – Drawstrings

Drawstrings ages back to centuries ago. In fact, Indian traditional blouses; cholis have always had them. Known for its sultry appeal and convenience [actually helpful for those who suffer from weight fluctuation] drawstrings is an all-time favorite.

And this year they are on the pyjamas, tops and even jackets.

Power prints :-

Off Season Shopping - Power Prints
Off Season Shopping – Power Prints

Power prints are in. Large motifs, with opposite colors and bold prints can make any dress stand out and this trend is not fading easily. Gowns or dresses or tops everything is bold this spring.

The thumb rule is that being bolder is being more beautiful and nothing is over the top this spring. So, bring out the bolder version of you with these daring prints.

“Slip” in :-

Off Season Shopping - "Slip" In
Off Season Shopping – “Slip” In

Slips are not new for 2020 but they are more prominent on the ramp and malls alike. Chemise is quintessentially a woman’s attire and it had been under the tops for long and now they’re the new “tops” and they are coming up as the “casuals”. More lacy and feminine in touch slips are going to rule the spring of 2020.


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