7 Types Of Underpants For Different Dresses

Different Types Of Underpants To Go With Different Dresses

Inner wears are one of the most essential parts of our dressing up game. Though they’re not visible but they play a big role in our appearance as an uncomfortable panty which digs in the butt cheeks can be the most gruesome experience on an interview day. Inner wears not only decide our comfort level but it is also connected with our health as they come in direct contact with our sensitive parts. Thus, it is very important to wear premium quality inners which are manufactured with natural fabrics to maintain heath and hygiene.
Picking up the right inner also helps us to look better, it very important to opt for the correct panty before stepping out of the house. As a visible outline of the panty surfacing on the dress not only looks yokel but awkward too whereas a complimentary panty can actually make you appear classy and we’ll dressed.

Here we mass the list of different types of underpants which can easily go with variety of dresses in your wardrobe :-

1. Control briefs :-

Different Types Of Underpants - Control Briefs
Different Types Of Underpants – Control Briefs

Control briefs control your the shape of your lower abdomen and can effectively hide those bulging love handles. The best panty to camouflage undesired flab and look fab. Though choosing the right size is the key because picking a smaller size won’t make you look slimmer but may put unwanted pressure on belly.
The briefs is a must with skinny jeans and body-con dresses.

2. Boy shorts :-

Different Types Of Underpants - Boy Shorts
Different Types Of Underpants – Boy Shorts

This is the girly version of the men’s boxers and it’s very comfortable to wear. It covers the upper thighs and gives total coverage to the pelvic area.
The shorts are an ideal match for short dresses and frilled skirts.

3. C-String :-

Different Types Of Underpants - C String
Different Types Of Underpants – C String

Maybe the C stands for clamp in the panty. The extremely sexy and seductive panty has no waistband to hang around the hips but just the clamp-ish design to cover the minimum. Though it’s not very popular because you need to be more than statuesque beauty to wear this panty. But this is gaining popularity as the new era beachwear. You can also wear it on beach or while soaking the sun on the sands.

4. Bikini :-

Different Types Of Underpants - Bikini
Different Types Of Underpants – Bikini

A modest cross between a conservative and conventional panty and a sexy thong. It is one of the most commonly worn inner by the modern women. The inner gives full butt coverage and slimmer waistband makes it comfortable to wear.
The bikini brief goes well with almost every dress except for the too short ones.

5. G-string :-

Different Types Of Underpants - G String
Different Types Of Underpants – G String

A titillating avatar of the things but with a much lesser coverage is the ideal companion for a hot nighty to make your man go mad and unleash his beastly vigor. It will take you some time to get used of the unusual design and it’s best to try it beforehand.
You can wear it with skin fit dresses and with sultry nightwear.

6. Granny panties/Classic Briefs :-

Different Types Of Underpants - Classic Briefs
Different Types Of Underpants – Classic Briefs

The granny panties or the classic briefs are ones which is usually available in the pack of 3. They give full butt coverage and have high waist bands. The classic briefs are available in all the possible sizes and colours. They’re one of the most popular, used and comfortable inners.
They go with all the attires except the body-con dresses.

7. Thongs :-

Different Types Of Underpants - Thongs
Different Types Of Underpants – Thongs

Thongs are the sexy alternative for the regular panties for the honeymooning brides. The thongs are worn under the belly and the panty rests barely on the hip bones. The panty gives minimal butt coverage and is ridiculously alluring.
Thongs can go with almost all the body con dresses and pencil skirts.
No matter what you try, keep comfort and fit as the priority, only then you can carry yourself with confidence.

Other Different Types Of Underpants To Consider :


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