Complete Guideline For Women To Dress Up For The Office

Guidelines for the business women to dress up casually for the office :

What is business casual dress up?

Business casual dress up is a little bit different from the formal dress up of the ladies as well as of the gents. It is a combination of both the formal dress up and a casual dress up. Or you can say it is a little less formal dressing than the traditional clothing for the business men and women. But still the business casual attire is perfect enough for the professionals to have proper clothing that is appropriate for the office. This article is all about the women’s business casual attire guidelines which will be really helpful for the working ladies that go to the offices and cannot dress up formally all the time. They can look formal yet the dressing will be casually convenient for them if the follow the women’s business casual attire guidelines we are going to share in this article.

Guidelines to get business casual dressing for women

In order to get dress up business casually, women have various options to make the formal dressing a little bit simple and easy by having a little bit of variation in their wardrobe. All the working ladies out there please follow these women’s business casual attire guidelines if you want to get a relief from all the time formal dress up.

Tips to get the business casual attire :

1. Women can mix and match various outfits to make a new business look. Like they can wear skirts that are simple and pairing them with the simple blouse can make them look formal yet they will be comfortable like in casual dressing.

Simple Skirt With Blouse
Simple Skirt With Blouse

2. It is not necessary to wear heels all the time to look appropriate for the office; you can simply replace the heels with the flat pumps if you want. Flat pumps which are of closed toe are recommended. Otherwise open toe shoes without heel will make it informal. If you want to wear an open toe shoe then we recommend you to wear it with a little bit heels. This will give you a semi formal and semi casual look which is equally acceptable and appropriate for the office dress up.

Business Women Shoes For Office
Business Women Shoes For Office

3. For the bottoms we recommend you to have a pencil cut skirt for the office. Keep in mind that the skirt must not be above the knee. The length of the skirt should be equal to your knees or below it.

4. For tops we recommend you to wear round neck plain shirts or the cotton blouses that can be wrapped around. The shirts with turtle neck are also considered the business casual clothing.

5. Things you should avoid are the sandals with straps, jeans and denim, bold print shirts or pants, or any bright color dress. They will make you look casual and not at all formal.


Keeping these guidelines in mind will help the ladies to get a more comfortable yet equally formal look for their office. These guidelines will help you to look appropriately dressed up for the business everyday meetings. You will not have to buy separate clothing for business or office; by this tips you can just mix and match anything from your wardrobe that is simple.

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