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The Unending Saga of Bangles

There’s nothing as too many bangles (unless its a statement piece). The look and feel of a bangle when combined with the music they produce adds a beautiful element to your appearance.

There are different types of bangles –

1. Gold Bangles

Gold Bangles
Gold Bangles

Gold Bangles are the most common type of bangle worn on an everyday basis. Gold has been known to suit the skin best and is also bought as an investment option. Bangles in gold designs can be divided into two categories based on design – handmade bangles and machine bangles.
Handmade gold bangles are the bulkier ones usually made with intricate design work whereas machine made bangles are lightweight with minimal artwork. Owing to their heavy design women usually wear handmade bangles for special occasions like wedding, engagement, puja, etc. But you can still choose to go with a simple handmade bangle for daily wear. As for machine made bangles, they use much lesser gold and go light on your pocket as well as your wrist. Well suited for daily wear, they make a good choice for gifting options too.

When it comes to occasional gold wear bangles, you can either go for a thin design or for a cuff design as you wish. If you are going for a statement bangle, make sure you don’t wear anything else in your hand apart from that.

2. Diamond Bangles

Diamond Bangles
Diamond Bangles

Diamond Bangles or bracelets aren’t something which you see women on an everyday basis. It’s either occasional wear or office wear. It adds a sparkle to your look which is very necessary for office wear which is subtle and you can’t really experiment with colours. Also, they are worn singly so the sound of bangles will not draw any eyeballs. However, for days like annual office parties where you know you are getting the best employee of the month, just go ahead and get yourself a tennis bracelet. They are made with a strip(s) of similarly sized diamonds and can go wonderfully with office as well as other occasions. Typical diamond bangles are the bulky ones and are usually quite expensive and can very easily go up to lakhs for a decent one. But if your heart is set on one, don’t hesitate to get yourself one.

3. Glass Bangles

Glass Bangles are worn by married women. The typical green coloured glass bangles are a signature of a married Maharastrian women, just like red ones are a sign of a Sindhi or Punjabi bride. They are worn very rarely by women otherwise since glass is prone to breakage and can harm the skin a lot.

Wrist are usually of the weak spot of a human body. The bangles act as armour thus saving them from any external harm of injury. Besides, wrist are also the spot that releases energy and wearing bangles that are curved from within bounces the energy and sends it back to the back and saves your energy. We bet you didn’t know that!

Married or unmarried, don’t hesitate to complete your look with bangles. They are really hassle-free yet gorgeous piece of jewellery.


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