Perfect Armhole Measurement Chart With Images

Armhole region is a complex and sensitive when it comes in terms of fitting of any garment. If your armhole area in a dress looks bulgy or too tight, one thing is for sure that you will never wear that dress. One should remember some important points while cutting and stitching of armhole area. Through this post you can easily understand the basics to make this region perfect.

First we must know what other aspects should be kept in mind for better fitting. Armhole measurement depends upon various other factors like shoulder length, chest measurement etc. Following below are the images for enthusiasts like you who wants to learn the perfect way of tailoring.

Measurement Factors To Keep In Mind :
1. Shoulder To Shoulder Width
Image shoulder to shoulder width
Image shoulder to shoulder width
2. Chest Measurement
Image Chest Measurement
Image Chest Measurement
3. Shoulder Length
Image Shoulder Length
Image Shoulder Length
4. Neck Width
Image Neck Width
Image Neck Width
5. Front Armhole Depth
Image Front Armhole Depth
Image Front Armhole Depth

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There are four different size namely Small, Medium, Large and Extra large. The chest measurement, shoulder to shoulder width, shoulder length, front arm depth and neck width measurement varies with respect to the four different sizes. Down below is the table from which you can easily understand what measurement should be taken as per the size.

Chart Of Perfect Armhole Measurement :
S.No SIZE Chest Shoulder To Shoulder Width Shoulder Length Front Armhole Depth Neck Width(half)
1. SMALL 24″-28″ 10″-11″ 6.5″ 1″ 2.5″
2. MEDIUM 28″-36″ 11″-12″ 7″ 0.75″ 2.75″
3. LARGE 36″-44″ 11.5″-12.5″ 7.25″-7.5″ 0.5″ 3″
4. EXTRA LARGE 44″ & above 13″-14″ 7.75″-8″ 0.25″ 3.25″

The measurements in the table are taken as standard(in inches), one can increase or reduce a bit as per their comfort. And if you still have any query regarding this, then you can ask it in the comment section. 🙂

Video Tutorial In Hindi :
Video Tutorial In English :


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